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This is the website of Gjalt-Jorn Peters. It is the home of his blog ScienceR, and collects links to other websites.

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Gjalt-Jorn is involved in a number of living1 Open Access books. These are written in Bookdown, an excellent R package by the awesome Yihui Xie2. They are hosted at GitLab (GitLab is a Free/Libre Open Source Software alternative to the proprietary GitHub) Pages. These books are:

  • The Book of Behavior Change: this book is a practical handbook for developing behavior change interventions. It does not cover the entire intervention development process, nor provide much theoretical background, instead providing practical tools. It is based on what are basically simple (trivial, even) but inevitable mechanics based on how the human psychology and behavior change work. As such, the book can be used alongside whichever approach one uses, be it Intervention Mapping, the Behavior Change Wheel, Design Thinking, or what have you.

  • The ROCK book: The Reproducible Open Coding Kit book, or the ROCK book, describes the Reproducible Open Coding Kit, a versatile open standard for embedding codes in qualitative data (well, as long as the data are textual, e.g. interview transcripts). The ROCK book also describes the rock R package, to analyse sources coded with the ROCK standard, and the iROCK interface, to easily code qualitative sources with the ROCK.

  • Rosetta Stats: Rosetta Stats is a statistics chrestomathy. It illustrates how common analyses can be conducted in a variety of statistical software packages (such as SPSS, R, and jamovi). We are also working on a Rosetta Stats Pro: SPSS to R companion, providing more extensive information to support researchers who wish to switch from the expensive and somewhat outdated SPSS to the Free/Libre Open Source Software R, which allows one to, for example, compute Cohen’s $d$.

1 Living books are books that can be updated 'live', instead of requiring discontinuous release through formal editions. Each of these books will, however, get assigned formal editions every time substantial revisions have taken place compared to the previous version. The first formal edition will mark the first version of the book that is considered finished, and from that point onwards, the DOI of each book will be updated so that each new edition will have a unique DOI.

2 Yihui also wrote the [Blogdown](https://bookdown.org/yihui/blogdown/) package used to create this website with [Hugo](https://gohugo.io/) and the [Academic](https://sourcethemes.com/academic/) theme.


Gjalt-Jorn Peters

Assistant Professor of Methodology and Statistics

Open University of the Netherlands


Gjalt-Jorn Peters works at the Dutch Open University, where he teaches methodology and statistics, and does research into health psychology, specifically behavior change, in general and applied to nightlife-related risk behavior. He is involved in Dutch nightlife prevention project Celebrate Safe, where he is responsible for the Party Panel study. In addition, he develops and maintains a number of R packages).